PA Series

A transitional size called PA4 was proposed for inclusion into the ISO 216 standard in 1975. It has the height of Canadian P4 paper and the width of the ISO standard A4 paper. The table shows how this format can be generalized into an entire format series. Although these sizes were not included in the ISO standard, the PA series – in particular PA4 – remain of practical use today. Many international magazines use the PA4 format because it can easily be printed on equipment designed for either A4 or US Letter size.

PA Series Paper Sizes Table

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A Series Paper Sizes
A4 Paper Size
US Letter Paper Size
Billboard Sizes
Newspaper Sizes
ISO Envelope Sizes
US Envelope Sizes
ANSI Paper Sizes
Business Card Sizes
Photo Sizes
Old Imperial Sizes
Canadian Paper Sizes
North American Architectural Sizes

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